For many years Fiona Horrobin has been part of a team bringing hope and healing through prayer to people in personal need. Many of those she has helped came from backgrounds where they were deprived of any opportunity to discover themselves through the development of their God-given creativity. Many had been told they were useless, no good and put down in various unkind and, sometimes, cruel ways.

Fiona discovered that by encouraging people to express their inner selves through the use of various creative activities, they were able to face the source of major issues which were at the root of their inner problems. It was a journey of discovery that has brought God-given healing to thousands of people around the world. She is currently writing a book, Healing Through Creativity which will tell the story of her own faith journey in learning how to help others.

Fiona comes from an artistic family background, but had never devoted time to developing her own creative gifting until her experiences with helping others. Inspired by what she had seen, she joined a local art class and discovered for herself the joy of painting as a recreation.

Fiona Horrobin Artworks – providing you with beautiful cards for all reasons and seasons